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How I work:

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event so I will be there from start to finish to ensure that all of it is captured, I’ve never just turned up for a few hours and left.  I like to meet with all my clients at least a couple of times and take a few photos prior to the wedding.  This is a great opportunity to get to know each other which makes a huge difference on your wedding day for both of us.  Once I’ve shot the wedding, I work solidly to sort through the large number of shots and select as many shots for you as possible from the day.  I then retouch and categorise the shots into folders specific to the part of the day on to a hard drive, then I select 50 -100 shots and post them to a highlights web gallery for you to see as soon as possible after the wedding.  Those same highlights shots are arranged into a large book (33 x 28cm) and sent off to print.  I deliver the book, the hard drive and 1 framed print of your choice usually within 14 days of your wedding.


The Package:

Full wedding day coverage

Unlimited amount of images presented on a 500gig portable hard drive

1 x 40 – 60 page 33 x 28cm hardcover book premium paper

1 x 8x 10 framed print of your choice



If you genuinely like the style of my photography, I want to work with you!  There’s always a way to fit into all budgets.  Please contact me by phone on 0409242570 or email